HALO Is A Proud Supporter Of NYSRPA – Learn More About Them Here!

As a New York State-based company and a proud supporter of the second amendment, our team at HALO knows how important it is to support local, statewide, and national organizations with the same mindset and goals for the long run. One of those local and statewide organizations is NYSRPA, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

Located in Upstate New York, HALO  is a proud advocate of NYSRPA and we encourage you to do your part and join your State’s Association today!

As an organization with over 25,000 members across NYS, NYSRPA is dedicated to protecting and preserving the Second Amendment for New York State Residents. NYSRPA is also the state’s largest and the nation’s oldest firearms advocacy organization dating back to its’ founding date of 1871 and is a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization.

In addition, NYSRPA strives to educate, train, and promote the shooting sports as well as offering top-notch firearm safety to members and the general public. In the future, NYSRPA hopes to grow their member base, introduce firearm safety courses, training centers for instructors, and help future residents gain a respect and love for the shooting sports.

NYSRPA is lead by Tom King, President, who also sits on the Board of Directors for the NRA and strives to inform the public of the benefits of being a member of organizations such as, NYSRPA and the NRA, as well as why protecting the Second Amendment is so important.

Are you ready to build a future of freedom? Discover the possibilities of the NRA State Associations today and get involved! If you do not reside in New York, we encourage you to visit the website below to find your state’s association and join today!


NRA State Associations – Find Your State Here! 


Some Awards NYSRPA Has Won:

2014 – NRA Gold Medal Club Award.

2013 – Niagara County Federation of Conservation Clubs’ Leroy Winn Memorial Award

2012 – NRA Gold Medal Club Award

2005 – NRA-ILA Volunteer Organization of the Year

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